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A Parent Reflects on Their Child’s ABA Journey: Part 1

This is really hard for me to write, as it brings up some painful memories. I am the parent of […]

A Parent Reflects on Their Child’s ABA Journey: Part 2

Diagnosis Our daughter received a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder and developmental delay shortly after she turned 2 years old. […]

The Development of “Resilience” Requires Attachment and Nurture, Not Desensitisation

Written by Alex* This is the second blog in a trilogy challenging commonly held misconceptions regarding Independence, Resilience and Self-Advocacy. […]

Words That Dance: Finding My True Self Through the Masks and the “Mania”

Written by Linda Tuxford-Adams I have always loved words – the way they dance in my mind and weave themselves […]

(RE)FRAMED Podcast: S1:E8 – with Guest Robert Maxwell

Our podcast, (RE)FRAMED, has been created to center our stories, share our knowledge and contribute to conversations impacting Autistic people, […]

My PDA Journey: from Awkwardness and Anxiety to Authenticity and Advocacy

Written by Lisa* I recently walked up a long country road, in the dark, jumping at the sound of cane […]

Full Meta: a Story About Writing a Story

Written by Selina P When Reframing Autism asked me to write a blog post I was absolutely thrilled. It was […]

Amplified: Autistics in Conversation – S2 E12: Conversation with JayJay Mudridge

Our Podcast – Amplified: Autistics in Conversation With an Autistic host and all Autistic guests, our podcast aims to amplify […]

Position Statement on Therapies and Interventions, Updated July 2022

Therapies and Interventions,  including Early Intensive Behavioural Therapies (EIBIs) and Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) POSITION STATEMENT UPDATED: July 2022 Summary Reframing […]

“Just Ask Me”: The Importance of Respectful Relationships Within Schools, a Summary for Non-academics

Written by Dr Bec Poulsen “Just Ask Me”: The Importance of Respectful Relationships Within Schools, a Summary for Non-academics Authors: […]

Introduction to Autism, Part 5: Neurodiversity (What is it and Why Do We Care?)

Written by Dr Melanie Heyworth Often when we discuss Autism, and a strengths-based approach to Autism, we invoke the term […]

Flourishing Authentically

Written by JayJay Mudridge Presented at Reframing Autism’s online Symposium on Autistic Flourishing: Acceptance, Authenticity, Autonomy, 5 November 2021 CW: […]

Practical Strategies for Parenting Autistic-LGBTQIA+ Children

by Anna Cristina with Emma Marsh Autistic people do a lot of things differently to their non-autistic peers. It is […]

The Autistic Psychologist: How My Identity Enhances My Practice

Written by Raelene Dundon CW: ABA I have been a psychologist for almost 15 years and looking back over my […]

Talking to Children About Autism (Tagalog)

Pakikipag-usap sa mga anak tungkol sa Autism 1. Maghanda sa pamamagitan ng pagtuturing na normal ang mga pagkakaiba Ang tunay […]

Still Unusual: A Reflection on Adulthood as an Unidentified Autistic

Written by Gabi Compton CW: bullying, trauma, ABA The story begins in June 2015.  I’m in America, meeting the founder of […]

How to Respond Empathetically to Sensory Sensitivities

Written by Emma Marsh CW: bullying, trauma, ABA We all have different sensory sensitivities and varying thresholds. Some people like […]

Introduction to Autism, Part 3: A Respectful Approach to Therapy

Written by Ginny Grant and Melanie Heyworth In our previous piece, Introduction to Autism, Part 2: Next steps after a […]

Obsessively, Compulsively: An Autistic Experience of OCD

Written by Ginny Grant CW: Anxiety, OCD, intrusive thoughts, violent images I am standing at the kitchen sink scrubbing a […]

Growing up Autistic

Written by Tim Chan I was diagnosed with Autistic Disorder at three years old, with severe developmental delays in cognition, […]

Position Statement on Therapies and Interventions

Therapies and Interventions, including Early Intensive Behavioural Interventions (EIBIs) and Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Summary Reframing Autism acknowledges that many […]

A Manifesto for Allies Adopting an Acceptance Approach to Autism

Written by Dr Melanie Heyworth Background Over the past few years, four of the five members of my immediate family […]

Investing in Relationships: The Core Business of Parenting

Written by Dr Melanie Heyworth At a workshop a few weeks ago, I was talking to parents about how they […]

The Importance of Identification

A few weeks ago, a mother asked me if she should tell her autistic son about his autism. Then last […]

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