Let’s talk about Autism.

How we understand Autism at Reframing Autism (or ‘RA’) is different. It is probably different to the views you have heard elsewhere.

You see, RA is run mostly by Autistic people. Those of us who aren’t Autistic are neurodivergent.

All of us are professionals.

But our perspectives on Autism don’t come from professional training or University study or book-learning. It comes from our lived experience.

We have lived as Autistic individuals our whole lives. Even if some of us didn’t know it until quite recently!

We have a deep, personal knowledge of what it is to live Autistically.

It is that experience that informs what we do here at RA.

We invite you to join us on the journey to celebrate Autistic identity and embrace Autistic culture.

How we think about Autism

At RA, we think of Autism as a brain difference that is basic and fundamental to who we are.

Autistic people develop differently to non-autistic people.

Autistic individuals think, move, interact, sense and process differently to what people might expect.

We are atypical in a world that expects people to be typical.

Autistic people have qualities that make us like other Autistic people.

These qualities include differences in the way we:

  • communicate. Many of us communicate with others in ways that aren’t typical or usual,

  • experience and display our feelings,

  • interact with others,

  • form and understand our friendships and relationships,

  • engage in the things we are passionate about or experts in,

  • imagine, and play,

  • see patterns and connections, and

  • perceive or sense the world around us.

At RA, we talk about Autism as a way our brains process our experiences.

We try never to use the word ‘disorder’ to describe our Autism here at RA.

We talk about ourselves as different not disordered.

Autism is not a disease or an illness. So, it is not curable or treatable.

It can be challenging, though.

But we think the challenges often come because other non-autistic people don’t understand us or make us feel welcome.

The challenges come because the world is overwhelming.

At RA we want to change the the frame through which we view Autism. We want to dare that overwhelming world to lose the accepted stereotypes about Autism. And the stigmas. And the prejudices.

We want to change the lens so that we see the strength in Autism. And the value. And the beauty.

RA gives the Autistic community, and the people who love and support us, a way we can celebrate who we are, how we exist, and what we have to offer.


Whether you are Autistic, you love someone Autistic, or you work with Autistic people, we want to hear from you.

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