Celebrating & nurturing Autistic identity

Are you ready to celebrate Autistic identities, embrace the Autistic community, and empower Autistic individuals?

Join Reframing Autism as we work to change the world to achieve respect, acceptance and citizenship.

What we do

  • Education & insight

    Education & insight

    We provide year-round, Autistic-led education through a variety of workshops, masterclasses, professional development opportunities, parenting retreats, symposia, and our newly launched Certificate in Autistic Wellbeing course.

  • Research & resources

    Research & resources

    We offer Autistic-produced and designed resources for Autistic people and our families and allies. Our team is deeply passionate about improving Autistic participation in research studies on Autism and are actively involved in the Australian Autism research field.

  • Leadership & advocacy

    Leadership & advocacy

    We want to grow Autistic leaders who are driven to share their knowledge and expertise. We provide a platform and community where Autistic voices are heard and valued.

Our vision

Our vision is a world in which the Autistic community is supported by its families and allies to achieve genuine acceptance, inclusion, and active citizenship, and in which Autistic culture and identity is celebrated and nurtured.

At Reframing Autism, we want to change the narrative to fit a strengths-based neurodiversity view. Ultimately, our goal is to improve long-term Autistic mental health and wellbeing for both our current and future generations.

Our values

Respect. Accept. Embrace. Empower.

We want to change the frame through which society views Autism. The frame we choose to see Autism through is neurodiversity, which means that we see Autism as a valuable, worthy and naturally occurring brain difference.

Our organisation is unique: we are run by Autistic people, and we primarily employ and contract Autistic people. We take this approach because we believe that giving Autistic people the opportunities they deserve to lead and share their lived experiences, is the first step to inclusion, justice and emancipation for our community.

Reframing means acceptance, inclusion, equity and employment.

And that means that we are free to be our Autistic selves.

This has been life changing for us as parents. I feel like I have seen through a window into our daughter’s world for the first time. I know it will benefit her and us for years to come. Thanks!

Parent attendee, 2020

Let’s talk about Autism

How we understand and view Autism is potentially different to the views you have heard elsewhere.

You see, RA is run mostly by Autistic people. Those of us who aren’t Autistic are neurodivergent.

But our perspectives on Autism don’t come from professional training or university study or book-learning. They come from our lived experience, as professionals, as parents, as Autistic people.

We have lived as Autistic individuals our entire lives, and we each have a deep, personal knowledge of what it is to live Autistically.

It is that experience that informs what we do and why we do it.

You can learn more about the way we view Autism by following the link below.

Join us on the journey to celebrate Autistic identity and embrace Autistic culture.

Latest news

Just Right for You

“From the moment you began to grow, I knew that you would be just right …”

Just Right for You offers a warm, optimistic way of introducing Autism to your child and embracing their differences.

Written by Reframing Autism CEO and founder Melanie Heyworth and with the delightful illustrations of Celeste Josephine Art, the book’s Autistic creators bring a depth of insight and passion to this work.

We are pleased to announce that Just Right for You is now available for purchase through leading online booksellers.

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