• Launch of Reframing Autism

    Launch of Reframing Autism

    On Saturday 26 October, Reframing Autism was launched at the Now and Next Family Conference. The following blog is the speech given by Reframing Autism’s CEO and founder, Dr Melanie Heyworth, at the launch.

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  • What is play?

    What is play?

    Play is synonymous with enjoyment: it implies engagement, fun, immersion. The definition does not — and I say again, emphatically NOT — prescribe what play is. It describes the feeling that we experience when we play (enjoyment); it does not prescribe what activities constitute ‘play’.

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  • Hosting an inclusive event for Autistic participants

    Hosting an inclusive event for Autistic participants

    Are you having an event that includes Autistic participants or delegates (adults or children)? Do you want to ensure that your event is accessible and respectful of Autistic sensory and communication needs? These guidelines will help you to support the needs of the Autistic individuals attending your event.

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