About our Autistic Wellbeing courses

Reframing Autism is proud to offer our suite of Autistic Wellbeing courses, tailored for three primary audiences: Autistic adults, parents of Autistics, and professionals working with Autistics. 

With a focus on organic, authentic Autistic wellbeing, these courses, comprising of 6 core modules, are practical and rewarding, cover various aspects of Autistic lived experience which impact on Autistic flourishing.  The courses are aimed at people who want to work for and with the Autistic community to create lasting positive change, whilst enhancing their own or their child’s, clients’ or students’ personal wellbeing.  

Unlike other courses offered on Autism, this course is created and run by Autistics. It is not only information-rich, but actively centres Autistic experience as meaningful, with the purpose of building broad and genuine wellbeing for the whole Autistic community.  

During the course, you will have access both to academic research, as well as to Autistic lived expertise, which is considered as equally – if not more – valuable than peer-reviewed academic literature. You will also have access to Autistic facilitators and their experiential knowledge, and you will have many opportunities to interact with your peers. 

As a bonus, you will also get access to the Autistic Wellbeing Community for a year, which offers both peer interaction and additional extension learning materials. 

Quick facts at a glance

Delivery Method: Online 

Structure: 6 modules, each with 1-2 weeks of facilitation 

Duration: Each module will be offered several times a year so that each learner can set their own individual learning pace. Each module will be offered every 2-3 months, so finishing the whole course of 6 modules can take anywhere from 2 months to 12 months depending on the learners preference.  

Time commitment: For Autistics and families, a minimum of 4 hours per module, depending on previous knowledge and depth of interest.   

For professionals, expect approximately 10 hours per module. 

Cost:  Certificate in Autistic Wellbeing for Autistics: Free  

Fostering Autistic Wellbeing for Families: $660 + booking fee (scholarship options available) 

Professional Certificate in Autistic Wellbeing: $1,320 + booking fee (scholarship options available for Autistic professionals) 

Which course is right for me? 

The course materials for all versions of the Autistic Wellbeing courses are substantially the same, however the ways in which you are asked to engage with and explore the course materials will differ by course. 

We have also developed an infographic to help you decide which course is best for you.

Infographic titled "Which Autistic Wellbeing course is best for me?" featuring a decision tree with questions. The first question is "Do I want a professional development certificate on completion?" with the Yes option leading to the Professional Certificate in Autistic Wellbeing course recommendation and the No option leading to another question. The second question is "Do I have an Autistic child (or children) that I would like to focus on in my learning?". Selecting Yes leads to the Fostering Autistic Wellbeing for Families course recommendation. Selecting No leads to the Certificate in Autistic Wellbeing for Autistics course recommendation.

What is the schedule? 

Every learner will begin by completing an introductory module on Autism Foundations, which is run over a two-week period. Once you’ve completed Autism Foundations, you will be given access to the Learning Community, and you can determine the pace and order in which you take the remaining 5 modules to suit you and your learning needs. 

We will run the first module on Autism Foundations 2 more times in 2022 and again multiple times in 2023. The below course enrolment dates are for intakes for the Autism Foundations module only. 

+ Opening on Monday 1st August and closing on Sunday 14th August 
+ Opening on Monday 3rd October and closing on Sunday 16th October

Once you have completed this first module, you will be able to book into all subsequent modules. As noted above, these modules are offered regularly so the whole course of 6 modules can be completed in as little as 2.5 months, but you can take up to a full year to complete all 6 modules. 

How do I sign up? 

For The Certificate in Autistic Wellbeing for Autistics, please complete the application form here. Note that applications are currently closed for the August intake due to a high level of applications already received. Successful applicants will be contacted and asked to register approximately 3-4 weeks before the course start date. 

For the Fostering Autistic Wellbeing for Families course, please register here. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please apply here. Successful scholarship applicants will be contacted at least 2 weeks before the course starts.

For the Professional Certificate in Autistic Wellbeing, please register here. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please apply here. Successful scholarship applicants will be contacted at least 2 weeks before the course starts.

Note, our funding arrangement only allows us to offer scholarships and free courses to Australian residents. If you are interested in participating in our parents’ or professionals’ courses, we would welcome your enrolment but these are fee paying. As we are an Australian organisation, preference will be given to Australian residents. 

What if I have questions?  

If the prospectus doesn’t contain the information you need, please email learning@reframingautism.org.au with your questions and we will happily help you. 

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