Amplified: Autistics in Conversation – S1 E2: Conversation with Yenn Purkis

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Our Podcast – Amplified: Autistics in Conversation

With an Autistic host and all Autistic guests, our podcast aims to amplify Autistic voices from a diverse range of backgrounds, with Australian and international Autistic advocates sharing their stories and perspectives from lived experience. You will also find the episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other favourite apps.

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S1 E2: Conversation with Yenn Purkis

In this second episode Ginny Grant begins by introducing the show and providing context about herself and Reframing Autism. Ginny then introduces Yenn Purkis, who is an Autistic and non-binary advocate, presenter, and author and co-author of 10 books. Yenn’s advocacy work began in 2005, and since that time they have been prolific, producing memes, blogs, videos, and undertaking many speaking engagements.

In the conversation, Yenn reflects on their diagnosis during their twenties and the fact it took quite some time to accept their Autistic identity. Yenn also discusses what spurred on their journey as an advocate and reflects on some of their achievements. Yenn talks about their writing career, including what motivated them to start writing books, and explores some of their recent and upcoming titles. Yenn also reveals some of their aspirations and hopes for the Autistic community. And finally, they discuss some of their strategies for mental health and wellbeing.


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