• Autistic enough: The story of a multiply neurodivergent OT

    Autistic enough: The story of a multiply neurodivergent OT

    Clare Keogh, an Autistic and multiply neurodivergent OT, reflects on her journey to embrace her identity and how that informs her work with Autistic children.

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  • Ruby Mountford on identity

    Ruby Mountford on identity

    Join Ruby Mountford, LGBTIQA+ and Autistic advocate, as they share their insights into Autistic identity and living authentically.

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  • Autistic Pride Day, 2020

    Autistic Pride Day, 2020

    Join Reframing Autism in celebrating Autistic Pride Day, as we ask members of the Autistic community ‘What makes you proud to be Autistic?’

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  • Autistic pride e-book

    Autistic pride e-book

    Read our beautiful and moving e-book on Autistic pride.

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  • Autistic celebration

    Autistic celebration

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    • February 02, 2020

    My Autism was my protector, my guardian, my shield. It was the part of me that filled me with joy, that satisfied me and made me content, that sheltered me. Autism was my friend, my companion, a bubble within which I could just be.

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  • Autistic pride day: celebrating my Autism

    Autistic pride day: celebrating my Autism

    When I was a little girl, my family was caught in a cyclone. It wasn’t a severe cyclone, but I remember walking up a concrete ramp towards the local high school that was the evacuation centre, and the wind being so strong that it took all my Dad’s strength to keep me from being blown off and away. I remember the feeling of being buffeted and battered by the wind, of having to put my head and shoulders down and battle my way through that gale that pushed me back and up and off at every step.

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