• Hosting an inclusive event for Autistic participants

    Hosting an inclusive event for Autistic participants

    Are you having an event that includes Autistic participants or delegates (adults or children)? Do you want to ensure that your event is accessible and respectful of Autistic sensory and communication needs? These guidelines will help you to support the needs of the Autistic individuals attending your event.

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  • Introspection on education

    Introspection on education

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    • September 10, 2018

    Currently in Australia, parents are scurrying to find the right educational setting for their Autistic children beginning school for the first time. Or for their children changing schools for the first, or second, or third time, as previous educational settings have become untenable or unworkable or detrimental to their child’s mental, emotional, social or academic health. Or all of those things. Our school year follows the calendar year, and I know many, many parents who are searching desperately to find the perfect fit for their Autistic poppet for the new year. Or, more accurately, who are searching for an adequate educational fit for their child.

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