• Autistic Pride Day, 2020

    Autistic Pride Day, 2020

    Join Reframing Autism in celebrating Autistic Pride Day, as we ask members of the Autistic community ‘What makes you proud to be Autistic?’

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  • Dr Dawn-Joy Leong on identity

    Dr Dawn-Joy Leong on identity

    Join Autistic researcher and multi-artist, Dr Dawn-Joy Leong, as she shares her intensely personal and artistic response to understanding and living her authentic Autistic identity.

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  • Kahukura on Autistic identity

    Kahukura on Autistic identity

    Join neurodiversity advocate, Kahukura, of More Than One Neurotype, as she shares her insights into Autistic identity and living authentically.

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  • Talking to children about Autism

    Talking to children about Autism

    A tip sheet for talking to your child, and their friends, peers, and family, about Autism.

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  • A manifesto for allies adopting an acceptance approach to Autism

    A manifesto for allies adopting an acceptance approach to Autism

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    • February 15, 2019

    If you are reading this manifesto, you are likely in the privileged position of being able to be an ally, and to help the Autistic people with whom you live or work or interact to realise their rights and feel loved and welcomed in the world, as they are, not as you (or anyone else) would like them to be. You have the chance to shape the narrative of Autism to one that unites us as a community defined by mutual respect and appreciation. I invite you to see Autism from an Autistic viewpoint, and to join our Autistic community on our journey to acceptance.

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  • #TakeTheMaskOff (but what if I don’t know how?)

    #TakeTheMaskOff (but what if I don’t know how?)

    This afternoon I was describing the concept of Autistic masking to a close friend, who is not directly a part of the Autistic community. I explained that currently there is a robust campaign for Autistics to take their masks off, and to be who they are, authentically and genuinely, without censure, guilt, discrimination or repercussions.

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  • A plea to diagnosticians

    A plea to diagnosticians

    Dear Diagnosing Professional,

    See those parents sitting in front of you? Yes, the ones with the shadow behind their eyes, the furrow on their brows, the ones whose worry is a palpable aura surrounding them as their eyes dart between you and their child, sitting on the floor at their feet. See that father who sits with his arms crossed, leaning away from you as if to escape what you’re about to say? See that mother who is eyeing you with a mixture of hope and fear?

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  • The importance of identification

    The importance of identification

    A few weeks ago, a mother asked me if she should tell her autistic son about his autism. Then last night, another parent asked if she should pursue an autism diagnosis for her son after his paediatrician raised concerns about ‘labelling’ him. My response to the latter question seemed to resonate with a number of people, so I decided to expand it into this blog. But when I contemplated exactly what I wanted to say, the two questions seemed intrinsically linked, so I am going to try to tackle them together here.

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