Certificate in Autistic Wellbeing for Autistics

~ Applications for this course have now closed but we will open up again in the future. ~

If you are an Australian Autistic adult who is passionate about embarking on, or strengthening your existing, advocacy for the Autistic community, with a focus on organic, authentic Autistic wellbeing, this course is a perfect choice for you. 

The Certificate in Autistic Wellbeing for Autistics is an intensive but practical and rewarding course consisting of 8 Modules, covering various aspects of Autistic lived experience which impact on Autistic flourishing and wellbeing. It is aimed at Autistic adults who want to work for and with their Autistic community, whilst enhancing their own personal wellbeing. 

Unlike other courses offered on Autism, Reframing Autism’s Certificate in Autistic Wellbeing is run by Autistics for Autistics. It is not only information-rich, but actively centres Autistic experience as meaningful, and approaches Autism from a perspective of building broad and genuine wellbeing for the whole Autistic community. During the Certificate, then, you will have access both to academic research, as well as to other Autistic lived expertise, which is considered as equally – if not more – valuable and valued as peer-reviewed academic literature. You will have access to Autistic facilitators and their experiential knowledge, and you will have many opportunities to interact with your Autistic peers.

Awarded by: Reframing Autism

Delivery: Online

Duration: 8 weeks, 10-12 hours per week

Qualification: Certificate

Price: FREE

Start Date: September 27, 2021 


Whether you are Autistic, you love someone Autistic, or you work with Autistic people, we want to hear from you.

Anyone who is committed to achieving inclusion and acceptance for the Autistic community can take advantage of our educational program by subscribing. Subscription is free and offers you priority access to all Reframing Autism events.

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